Fibretech ME304®, ME310®, ME330® and Inconel601 stainless steel fibres have been central to reliable and cost-effective Refractory Performance in FCCUs (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units) for more than 30 years.

As an integral part of UOP, Foster wheeler, Shaw Stone and Webster, KBR, Shell, Texaco, Exxon and BP general engineering specifications for refractory, Fibretech ME304®, ME310® ME330®, Inconel601® have been used successfully around the world for New, Expansion or Maintenance Projects, helping to provide FCCU Operators with cost-savings, peace-of-mind and optimised refining yields.

SFRR with 3% Fibretech ME®

Whether cast, vibrated or gunned; steel fibre reinforced refractory (SFRR) with 3% Fibretech ME304®, ME310®, ME330® or Inconel601® is recommended as the safest and most durable refractory solution for Reactor, Regenerator or Riser vessels. The performance benefits over non-reinforced linings are considerable; more durable refractory, resulting in improved refractory and plant reliability, reliable production campaigns, predictable shut-down deadlines and reduced operating costs due to:

  • Tougher refractory
  • Improved resistance to Thermal Shock
  • Improved resistance to Mechanical Shock
  • Quicker, easier and more accurate installation (particularly in areas with difficult access or non-standard profiles)

Working with only the correct quality of Stainless Steel Fibre is critical. With an ever-growing demand for increased Campaign lives, Fibre-Chemistry, Uniformity and Distribution play an equal part with the Refractory in determining how the lining will last; how the FCCU will see out its planned campaign-life; the level of maintenance that follows each campaign (to both the refractory lining and any vessel steelwork); and how long the Unit will be out-of-production when maintenance eventually becomes necessary.

FibretechME® stainless steel fibres are specifically made and certified for this purpose, and come with a track-record from refineries all over the world.
SFRR in Furnaces, Preheaters, Rotary Kilns ...
Other Refinery applications such as Furnaces, Preheaters and Rotary Kilns also benefit from SFRR using Fibretech technology. Thermal and Mechanical Shock problems, often no less aggressive on linings than in the FCCU, are resolved with FibretechME® fibres.

MetalX ME304 ME309 ME310 ME330 Fibrex HT Fibrex HT+ ME430 ME446 Fibrex SF Fibrex CD Fibresheet Polypore MF Microtex Fibrecore
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